Healthy Texas Facts

Healthcare Crisis in Texas

✚ Texas has the highest number of uninsured in the country—and has the most to gain from universal single-payer healthcare
✚ 4.5 million or almost 17% of the total population lack insurance of any kind
 630,000 children lack health care coverage. That’s double the national average
The number of uninsured numbers dropped five percent with the half-measures of ACA. It is highly likely to rise again to the 20-22%
mark again with gutting pre-existing conditions
✚ Only half of Texas employers offer healthcare (below the national average)
✚ Most of the uninsured fall into the following in Texas
✚ Families below 200 percent of the poverty line, Latinx/Hispanics, young adults 19-34, people with part-time jobs, and individuals within current fair or poor health. Universal single-payer coverage directly challenges this disparity.

Healthy Texas Bill Inclusions

✚ Every resident of Texas regardless of race, gender, age, health condition, etc will receive comprehensive healthcare service under Healthy Texas. It’s Medicare for All.
✚ Progressive, stable financing will replace all insurance company premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.
✚ Residents can choose any provider.
✚ Long-term care benefits provided under Medicaid will continue, and be expanded with an emphasis on community and home-based caregiving.
✚ Eliminates co-pays for Medicare Part B.
✚ Lower prescription drug costs.
✚ Regional planning to reduce overlap and duplication of expensive equipment and facilities.
✚ Provider rates, which replace and improve Medicaid rates, will be negotiated to ensure access, cost control, and high-value services.
✚ The modest advances from the Affordable Care Act will be folded into the new system.
✚ Huge cost-savings from reduced bureaucracy. No more insurance company runaround. No more bill collectors.

Healthy Texas Bill Objectives

Healthy Texas is an important “issue-based campaign” in talking up single-payer Medicare for All at the local and state level with our neighbors, oppressed communities, and organizations. The Medicare For All effort is about planting the seeds both here in Texas and in support of attempts to pass Medicare for All at the federal level.

 The bill is modeled on the Healthy California bill. Our bill is still getting re-written to fit Texas conditions and legislation (should be out this summer).
✚ The Healthy Texas bill is currently being sponsored by Texas State Senator Jose Rodriguez and is gaining co-signers in both houses of the Texas legislature
✚ We are building a broad coalition on both the state and local levels to include National Nurses United and Our Revolution Texas
✚ Healthcare justice activists recently pushed into the 2018 Texas Democratic Party platform an explicit endorsement of the Healthy Texas Act of 2019 and single-payer healthcare for all.


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