Join the Political Revolution

All movements must win the hearts and minds of the people.

They also must be organized.

Our Revolution Texas is here for the long-haul and not just a cycle. We exist to:

    • Revitalize Texas’ Democracy
    • Empower Progressive Texas Leaders
    • Elevate the Political Consciousness of Texans 

We are organizing in every county and every district. Of our 68 endorsed 2018 candidates, over half won.

  • ⭑ We got a Medicare for Y’all single-payer bill in the Texas House
  • ⭑ We’re expanding throughout Texas–including Rural Texas
  • ⭑ We help educate and organize wherever we go

We need your support to keep going strong.


$10/mo & up
★ Eligible for a free copy of our Community Organizing Guide (upon request)

Your support will go into Our Revolution Texas’ door knocking, phone calling, text banking, civic training, rally making, and community organizing–from urban centers to rural communities.

Make the Difference.
Join our team today.

Our Revolution is your political revolution too.

If you’re awesome, but totes broke right now, we totally understand.
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