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All movements must win the hearts & minds of the people.

They also must be organized.

Our mission is simple: transform Texas where all folks have the dignity of good healthcare, a good education, and good-paying jobs. We must build progressive powerhouses throughout the state to create this change.

We do this by:

  • Win Progressive Policies
  • Elect Progressive Champions
  • ⭑ Build the Democratic Party into a more progressive, people-orientated party

In 2021, we are fighting to:

  • Promote bills in the Texas Lege that will make healthcare a human right, stop the climate crisis, end police brutality, & more.
  • Build the Democratic Party by electing progressives and young folks as precinct chairs, county chairs, and more.
  • Train progressive candidates and helping local progressives win local offices, including city & school board level positions.
  • Begin a media campaign to popularize ideas, create powerful narratives, and to fight Far-Right & corporate propaganda.

Our members fund Our Revolution Texas, so we are not beholden to the corporate class. Your membership literally powers our work.

Our Revolution is your political revolution.


Basic Membership — $5-9 per month
★ Access to membership votes (endorsement polls, leadership elections, and more) & members-only meetings.

Texas Progressive — $10-26 per month
★ Access to membership votes & members-only meetings.
★ Eligible to receive a free copy of any of our guidebooks upon request (several are planned to be released in 2021, likely price between $27-50 for non-members).

Texas Revolutionary — $27+ per month
★ Access to membership votes & members-only meetings.
★ Eligible to receive a free copy of any of our guidebooks upon request.
★ Will receive a free ORTX lapel pin.

Your support will go into Our Revolution Texas’ door knocking, phone calling, text banking, civic training, rally making, and community organizing–from urban centers to rural communities.

Make the Difference
Join Our Revolution Texas

Join the movement!

We have over 20 chapters, 12 regions, and thousands of supporters. Over half of our endorsed candidates won, we successfully put a Medicare for Y’All bill (HB 4127) in the Texas House (and it got a hearing!), and we are revolutionizing Texas politics all across the state.

Learn more about our issues here!

Join the movement and together we’ll create the change needed in our communities.

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To win Justice for All, Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal, we have to build local progressive powerhouses.

The mission of Our Revolution is to build progressive powerhouses by winning on progressive policies, building a progressive party, and electing progressive champions.

Here are several of the issue campaigns Our Revolution Texas is dedicated to:

Medicare for All / Healthy Texas

Green New Deal / Green Texas Act

Texas Fair Justice Act

Community Organizing

More to come soon!

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