Endorsement Applications

Thank you for seeking ORTX endorsement! This form is intended for candidates from Texas who are interested in ORTX consideration for membership endorsement.

As ORTX is an organization built from the ground up via grassroots member support, please ensure your application is completed and submitted to your local group. If you can not reach your local group, ORTX leadership will forward your application to identified ORTX members in your area.

Please be sure to contact your *local group* for their *local* endorsement form, as local candidate questionnaires sometimes vary from this standardized state form. You CANNOT be considered for state endorsement without prior endorsement from ORTX *local group members*. 

If your district covers multiple local groups, or if you have any other questions, reach out to us at Info@OurRevolutionTX.com

Please complete the ORTX candidate application form here:


Additional Resources:

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