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Who are my Texas US representatives?

1stGohmert, Louie R2267 RHOB(202) 225-3035Natural Resources Judiciary
2ndCrenshaw, Dan R413 CHOB(202) 225-6565Budget Homeland Security
3rdTaylor, Van R1404 LHOB(202) 225-4201Education and Labor Homeland Security
4thRatcliffe, JohnR223 CHOB(202) 225-6673Homeland Security Intelligence Judiciary Ethics
5thGooden, LanceR425 CHOB(202) 225-3484Financial Services
6thWright, RonR428 CHOB(202) 225-2002Education and Labor Foreign Affairs
7thFletcher, LizzieD1429 LHOB(202) 225-2571Transportation and Infrastructure Science, Space, and Technology
8thBrady, KevinR1011 LHOB(202) 225-4901Joint Committee on Taxation Ways and Means
9thGreen, AlD2347 RHOB(202) 225-7508Financial Services Homeland Security
10thMcCaul, Michael T.R2001 RHOB(202) 225-2401Foreign Affairs Homeland Security
11thConaway, K. MichaelR2469 RHOB(202) 225-3605Agriculture Armed Services Intelligence
12thGranger, KayR1026 LHOB(202) 225-5071Appropriations
13thThornberry, MacR2208 RHOB(202) 225-3706Armed Services
14thWeber, RandyR107 CHOB(202) 225-2831Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
15thGonzalez, VicenteD113 CHOB(202) 225-2531Financial Services Foreign Affairs
16thEscobar, VeronicaD1505 LHOB(202) 225-4831Armed Services Judiciary
17thFlores, BillR2228 RHOB(202) 225-6105Budget Energy and Commerce
18thJackson Lee, SheilaD2079 RHOB(202) 225-3816Budget Homeland Security Judiciary
19thArrington, JodeyR1029 LHOB(202) 225-4005Ways and Means
20thCastro, JoaquinD2241 RHOB(202) 225-3236Education and Labor Foreign Affairs Intelligence
21stRoy, ChipR1319 LHOB(202) 225-4236Budget Oversight and Reform Veterans’ Affairs
22ndOlson, PeteR2133 RHOB(202) 225-5951Energy and Commerce Science, Space, and Technology
23rdHurd, WillR317 CHOB(202) 225-4511Appropriations Intelligence
24thMarchant, KennyR2304 RHOB(202) 225-6605Ethics Ways and Means
25thWilliams, RogerR1708 LHOB(202) 225-9896Financial Services
26thBurgess, MichaelR2161 RHOB(202) 225-7772Energy and CommerceRules
27thCloud, MichaelR1314 LHOB(202) 225-7742Oversight and Reform Science, Space, and Technology
28thCuellar, HenryD2372 RHOB(202) 225-1640Appropriations
29thGarcia, SylviaD1620 LHOB(202) 225-1688Financial Services Judiciary
30thJohnson, Eddie BerniceD2306 RHOB(202) 225-8885Transportation and Infrastructure Science, Space, and Technology
31stCarter, JohnR2110 RHOB(202) 225-3864Appropriations
32ndAllred, ColinD328 CHOB(202) 225-2231Foreign Affairs Transportation and Infrastructure, Veterans’ Affairs
33rdVeasey, MarcD2348 RHOB(202) 225-9897Energy and CommerceSmall Business
34thVela, FilemonD307 CHOB(202) 225-9901Agriculture Armed Services
35thDoggett, LloydD2307 RHOB(202) 225-4865Budget Joint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
36thBabin, BrianR2236 RHOB(202) 225-1555Transportation and Infrastructure Science, Space, and Technology

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