Who we are

Our Revolution Texas is a statewide progressive populist organization here to revolutionize Texas politics.

Our mission is simple

★ Revitalize Democracy ★
★ Empower Progressive Leaders ★
★ Elevate Political Consciousness ★

70% of Americans support Medicare for All, 80% of registered voters support a Green New Deal, 71% of Americans want to end extreme partisan Gerrymandering, 76% of registered voters want us to Tax the Rich.

And yet, none of this happens. Our government is dominated by bankers and billionaires, leaving Main Street to fend for itself. The 3 richest Americans hold more wealth than 150,000,000 of our brothers and sisters. Corporate monopolies grow stronger by the day, while our roads and schools crumble. Safety nets for the rich, crippling debt for the rest.

We at Our Revolution Texas stand with the working people of Texas. We are Main Street. We’re here to help Main Street take back power from Wall Street.

Formed in January 2017 with the help of former Texas Ag Commissioner Jim Hightower, Our Revolution Texas is the first of several statewide affiliates of Our Revolution, which was founded in the wake of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign.

What We Fight For:

★ MedicareForAll ★ Healthy Texas

★ Living Wage ★ End Economic Inequality ★

★ Tax the Rich ★ Regulate Wall Street ★

★ Big Money Out Of Politics ★ End Gerrymandering ★

★ Stop Climate Change ★ Green New Deal ★

★ Invest in Infrastructure ★ Build Public Transportation ★

★ Human Rights for All ★ Immigration Justice ★ LGBTQIA Justice ★

★ Women’s Rights ★ Criminal Justice Reform ★ Cannabis Legalization ★

★ Student Debt Forgiveness ★ College for All ★

★ Universal Pre-K ★ Protect Public Schools ★

★ Expand Social Security ★ Protect & Expand Unions ★

★ Paid Sick Leave ★ Affordable Housing ★

& many other progressive programs

To revolutionize Texas politics, we need you.

We’ll never be able to out-fundraise the Far Right and their corporate backers, but we can out-hustle them. We ask for you to join our Civic Engagement Team. As a team member, we will connect you with volunteer opportunities both locally and statewide. Support the work that we do right here in Texas by becoming a dues-paying member today. Or fill out the form below to join our email listserve.

Make the Difference.
Join our team today.

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